Food-Themed Stickers

A collection of our kawaii food themed stickers featuring Mika the Sheep.
Mika Ice Cream
Mika Banana Milk
Mika Blue Drink
Boba Mika Tea
Mika Coffee
Mika Latte
Mika and Polee Boba
Mika Boba Cup
Mika Pink Boba Drink
Mika Morning Breakfast Themed Vertical Kit
Sold Out
Mika Matcha Green Tea Latte Hot
Mika Matcha Green Tea Macaron
Mika Matcha Latte Boba Tea
Mika Matcha Green Tea Roll Cake
You Make Miso Happy
Mika Onigiri
Mika Taiyaki
Mika Pocky
Mika Peach
Mika Pink Macaron
Mika Yogurt Yakult
Mika Egg
Mika Strawberry
Mika Strawberry Milk