Planner Stickers

Stickers ready to be peeled and used. All our stickers are handmade carefully, and with lots of love! Made with premium matte paper and perfect for decorating your planner or journal! Exclusively designed and sold by PaperSutekka.
Mika Appa
EXO Mika
BTS Mika
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Blackpink Mika
BTS Group Sticker Sheet
BTS Inspired Chibi Boys
Kiki Inspired Mika
Mika Ice Cream
Totoro Inspired Doodles
Dusty Rose Weekdays Stickers
Work Mika with Laptop
Mika and Sam
Mika and Cina
Mika at Magicland: Mika Story: Mika Lightyear
Mika at Magicland: Up Balloons
Mika at Magicland: Mika the Pooh & Honey
Mika at Magicland: Churros, Happiest Place, Magical Hats
Mika at Magicland: Balloons, Donuts, Ice Cream
Mika at Magicland: Pink Ears, Castles, Pretzels
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Mika Switch Console
Mika Crossing 3
Mika Crossing 2
Mika Crossing 1
Happy Summer Doodles