About Paper Sutekka

Paper Sutekka
ペーパー ステッカー 
(pronounced "paper su-tek-kah") is a stationery and gift store established in Los Angeles, California. Our friendly shop mascots Mika [mee-ka, Mochi, and Polee can be found throughout most of our designs;
They are all super fluffy, love to cuddle, and always have a smile on their faces in hopes of bringing a smile to yours!
We hope that Paper Sutekka's well-thought designs turned into top-quality products can add a sprinkle of happiness into your life!
You can find us at events and conventions too! 
Mika The Sheep © 2018-2021 PaperSutekka
Mochi The Sheep © 2020-2021 PaperSutekka
Polee The Polar Bear   © 2019-2021 PaperSutekka
PaperSutekka  ® 2018