Do you offer tracking?
Yes. All orders will come with a tracking number, which is emailed to you when your order is shipped out.
What is your processing time?
Our usual processing time is 3-10 business days, unless otherwise mentioned. This is the time we need to package your order, and does not include shipping time. 
For all packages marked 'delivered' but not received:
Occasionally the USPS will mark a package delivered 1-2 days before the package arrives.  I kindly ask that you be patient in these instances and wait 1-2 business days before reaching out to customer service.  
If the package has still not appeared, please check with the office (if you live in an apartment complex) or check with neighbors to see if the package can be delivered. 
If the package is still not recovered after this point, please check with your local U.S post office. 
Please note PaperSutekka is not liable for missing packages marked as 'delivered' that are either misdelivered by the post office or due to theft on your property. Thank you for understanding.
Lost packages
Please note that PaperSutekka is NOT responsible for international packages that have been held by or lost by your country's local customs office.  
If a package has not been marked delivered, policy is to wait at least 4 weeks domestic and 8 weeks international from the date the package was shipped until the package is declared lost.  After this point, please feel free to contact us at support@papersutekka. 
International Mail: 
PaperSutekka is not responsible for any extra customs charges.