Enamel Pin Grade Guide

Our enamel pins are inspected and categorized as "standard" or "seconds". Although we strive to only give the best of the best, our enamel pins are individually handmade and are not 100% perfect~

 Standard Pins
Standard pins are mostly near perfect! However, due to the nature of our enamel pins being handmade, standard pins may still include very minor imperfections such as: 
• small scratches
• light smudges from the enamel
• minor specks on enamel
Seconds Pins
Seconds pins have slightly more noticeable flaws, therefore are discounted. These pins may include:
• obvious scratches and marks upon close inspection
• slightly more noticeable markings
Listings that do not have the option for "seconds" are automatically considered "standard" quality. 
Please keep these quality guide in mind before making a purchase. Of course, we will never send out any enamel pins that are unacceptably scratched or marked.